1. General

The below terms shall apply to all offers, sales and deliveries made by or on behalf of One Stop Builders Merchants (“ONE STOP”).

2. Offer/acceptance of order

By placing an order through our site, you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into binding contract and you are at least 18 years of age.

An order is not binding on ONE STOP until confirmed in writing by ONE STOP provided, however, that where ONE STOP has made delivery to the Buyer, an agreement will be considered concluded between the Parties.

An offer shall remain open for 30 days from the date of the written offer.

An offer/acceptance of order does not comprise the supply and delivery of installation materials, nor mechanical and electrical mounting.

3. Price and terms of payment

The price of a product shall, unless otherwise explicitly stated in the Agreement, be the price indicated in the confirmation of order. Website prices may differ to the in-store prices.

All orders are accepted with reservations for subsequent price increases due to;

Imposition of additional public duties or increases of already existing public duties, or

Price increases due to increased costs, including currency fluctuation, which has become effective after the acceptance of the order, but prior to delivery.

Our site contains a large number of Products and it is always possible that, despite our best efforts, some of the Products listed on our site may be incorrectly priced.  We will normally verify prices as part of our dispatch procedures so that, where a Product’s correct price is less than our stated price, we will charge the lower amount when dispatching the Product to you.  If a Product’s correct price is higher than the price stated on our site, we will normally, at our discretion, either contact you for instructions before dispatching the Product, or reject your order and notify you of such rejection.  We are under no obligation to provide the Product to you at the incorrect (lower) price, even after we have sent you a Dispatch Confirmation, if the pricing error is obvious and unmistakeable and could have reasonably been recognised by you as a mis-pricing.

Unless written agreement has been made to the contrary, the terms of payment are prepayment.

In the event of late payment, ONE STOP is entitled to charge interest from the due date at a rate corresponding to the rate of the United Kingdom central bank plus 9% per year.

Where payment is not received by the fixed due date, ONE STOP reserves the right, where necessary, to retain further deliveries or parts hereof and/or notify the Buyer in writing that the Agreement is terminated in whole or in part. Where ONE STOP terminates the Agreement in whole or in part, ONE STOP is entitled to damages and/or compensation.

Where payment is not received by the fixed due date, this may result in additional collection costs being incurred in accordance with the applicable collection legislation. All collection costs, including any legal costs, are to be borne by the Buyer.

All transactions are in pounds sterling.

4. Unavailability

In the event that a product is unavailable for whatever reason, we will contact you to ask you whether you would like us to supply a suitable alternative product. We will not supply you with an alternative product unless we receive instruction from you that you wish us to do so. If you opt not to purchase an alternative product, we will refund the full value of the product and any applicable carriage charges.

5. Delivery

The product shall be delivered at the place agreed upon and stipulated in the order confirmation and/or agreement.

The date of delivery appears from the order confirmation and/or agreement and ONE STOP shall make its reasonable efforts in meeting the date of delivery.

Where a material delay occurs that is attributable to ONE STOP; the Buyer shall be entitled to cancel the order. Any delay not exceeding [10 (ten)] business days shall, regardless of the circumstances, not be deemed to be material.

Delivery shall take place according to what is laid down and agreed between ONE STOP and the Buyer in the order confirmation.

If the Buyer cannot take delivery of the product at the agreed place of delivery, the Buyer shall pay all ONE STOP’s costs relating to the non-delivery of the product, and/or the delivery of the product at another location.

6. Force majeure

If delivery cannot take place by reason of force majeure, ONE STOP is exempted from any liability related, directly or indirectly, to such failure of delivery and shall be entitled at its own discretion to postpone delivery or to terminate the Agreement. The Buyer is not entitled to terminate the Agreement and/or to claim damages and/or compensation.

ONE STOP´s exemption from liability in case of force majeure shall apply irrespective of whether similar goods may be procured from other suppliers.

Force majeure shall include all circumstances beyond the control of ONE STOP, including but not limited to any event attributable to Acts of God, embargoes, unavailability of deliveries from suppliers, power, water or utilities, fire, war and acts of war, terrorism, transportation breakdown, government invention, general strikes, blockades, lock-outs and other similar events affecting ONE STOP.

7. Disputes

These terms of sale and delivery, including any dispute arising out of these terms of sale and delivery, shall be governed by United Kingdom law. Disputes which cannot be settled amongst the Parties shall be decided by ONE STOP’s home court as stipulated in ONE STOP’s Articles of Association.